Initial Thoughts on President-elect Trump

Following are some initial thoughts on the unexpected results of yesterday’s election: • Trump was not the market’s choice but that doesn’t mean that a Trump administration will be bad for the economy or markets. • It may take some time for markets to assess the...

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The Chart

Here's the chart referenced in the previous post.  The trend of cumulative total real returns on U.S. stocks is remarkably persistent....

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Thanks for a great event!

Thank you to everyone who attended our reception Tuesday night at the Union Club in Boston! We had around 45 attendees who were treated to spectacular early evening views of the Boston Common and some thought-provoking remarks and discussion. A few of the highlights:...

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Join us May 10th at the Union Club!

Boston Portfolio Advisers is hosting a reception next Tuesday evening at the Union Club in Boston. The Oak Room overlooks the Boston Common and offers a beautiful setting for conversation, food and drink as we try to provide some perspective on the financial landscape...

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Happy Days are Here Again?

After celebrating the new year by plunging over ten percent in less than three weeks, U.S. stocks have rallied sharply. At this writing, the S&P 500 Index is almost back to even for the year.  Does the recovery in share prices suggest smooth sailing ahead, or is the...

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Thoughts from IMPACT 2015: Part 1

We spent most of last week at the annual Schwab IMPACT Conference.  This has become one of the leading (perhaps the leading) conferences in the investment industry.  It provided the opportunity to engage with many of the managers we use in client portfolios and...

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